With the easter break coming up first and the well noted double long weekend on the horizon I imagine that there will be a lot of you out there who have been looking to get away. Easter is often one of the most popular times for people to go abroad as it is not quite as expensive as it can be in summer and it is a nice little pre summer getaway. For those of you that have been slaving away at the computer looking for flights I will save you the trouble right now and go on the record as saying that they are ridiculously expensive at the moment.

Unless you are as lucky as the London escorts who often get taken to all manner of exotic places at this time of year it is difficult to afford to go away when the flights cost so much so I imagine that this will have a lot of people looking to perhaps go away in the UK, which is often seen as a bit of a consolation prize but it can be just as nice, especially if you go with the right company.

Since I was very young I always had the impression that if you went on holiday in the UK you weren’t really going on holiday. For most people in the UK a holiday means going abroad to sunnier climates, most of us want to see on a nice sandy beach somewhere or by a swimming pool and get away from the UK, but with aeroplane ticket prices being so ridiculously high this is not always a possibility so for many a trip to somewhere in the UK might have to be the alternative and believe it or not it is not too bad.

Up until a couple of years ago I never had any real desire to visit anywhere else in the UK, that was until one of the London escorts told me about her experiences travelling around the country with one of her clients, she showed me some pictures and in all honesty I was quite surprised, I had no idea that there were such lovely looking parts of the UK.

Ever since that escorts in London showed me the light regarding trips to places in Britain I have decided to check a few out myself and I have always been pleasantly surprised. Considering the fact that it does not cost that much and it is possible that we can drive to our destination it is not at all a bad thing. Of course you cannot compare Cornwall to Thailand but if money is tight and you would still like to get away then why not grab a busty escort in London and enjoy the UK.

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