As someone who’s not generally a big fashion fan, I found myself unimpressed but a little intrigued last night by photos my wife was looking at from London Fashion Week. Like the glamorous London escorts, my wife can’t resist the dazzle of the catwalk and the celebrity gossip that accompanies it. A couple of the pictures from event caught my eye, either for their weird fashion or surprising headline. There were the usual suspects of very odd clothing that obviously you’d never see anyone wearing in real life – for example one girl wearing a dress made entirely of newspaper stood out among a whole batch of ‘sustainable’ outfits (what happens when it rains?!). Another poor lass looked like she’d simply been bandaged up in whatever loose pieces of fabric the designer could find and then had a few tins of paint thrown on top.

Apart from the clothes, the models themselves grabbed a few headlines. The ugly size zero controversy raised its head again with a few dangerously skinny girls sauntering down the catwalk, and there was even a transsexual!

Crazy fashion has always bewildered me. I guess it’s just a bit of fun really – it’s funny when people seem to take it very seriously. I mean, people would look so much better if they just wore what suited them best rather than what was in season. Celebrities are a part of the weirdness, of course, although I’m not sure yet if they’re a victim of it or a proponent. Just look at the freak show that is Lady Gaga with her ridiculous assortments of outfits including giant telephones on her head. And then there’s Katy Perry, a slightly toned-down, better looking version of Gaga, but still with a quirky taste in headwear, such as bowls of fruit. Whenever I see these ladies in their silly get-ups, especially Gaga, I can’t help thinking – all style and no substance. It’s as if their agents knew that without all these gimmicks they’d be too bland to make it big.

But a lot of people seem to love all this carnival fashion and it’s enough to win a lot of fans for otherwise dull celebs. Luckily, in real life most people don’t go to the ridiculous extremes that celebrities and catwalk queens go to. I’m always impressed by how well turned out escort girls are. I mean, I know it’s part of their job to look great, but blonde escorts in London and busty escorts in London are so good at choosing their outfits that it’s as if they were born with some innate fashion sense missing in so many people. They love to make an impact with their clothes, but not by wearing some clown costume. Instead they choose the perfect outfits to flatter their gorgeous figures, so it’s impossible to take your eyes of them. In fact, I think if Lady Gaga suddenly started dressing as well as London escorts I might become a lot more interested in her….

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