No Need for Blind Dates Anymore

The other day I had the pleasure/misfortune of seeing some re-runs of ‘Blind Date’ with my friend Stevie, at his flat near the London escort offices. It was actually quite enjoyable, in an awful sort of way, like Saturday evening TV tends to be. Do you remember it? A quick recap for those of too old and hazy to remember well and those too young to have seen it: It’s a light entertainment show hosted by Cilla Black, who’s a Scouse singer/presenter with red hair and a face vaguely reminiscent of a guinea pig. Cilla stands on one side of a screen with an attractive female contestant, while three eligible men sit the other side, and take turns to answer three questions posed by the female, such as ‘Where would you take me on a romantic date, and why?’ Then, based on all their answers, the contestant chooses one to go on holiday with – and the screen rolls back to reveal her chosen prince. Then the process is repeated with different contestants and the sexes reversed, so that the following week there are video diaries of the two dates and a discussion by each couple about what they thought of each other. Usually, the results weren’t too good. Based on such limited information before making their choice, the contestants were inevitably incompatible – which made for amusing TV. Very rarely love would blossom and Cilla Black would end up attending their wedding.

The whole premise of ‘Blind Date’ reminds me of the scenario of clients dating unfamiliar, busty escorts in London. I guess a major difference is that in the case of picking an escort for the evening, the guy is choosing mainly on the basis of looks by perusing the website of cheap London escort agencies. On the show looks don’t come into it  – the choice is based on a few glib answers alone. In both cases, the guy is essentially going on a ‘blind date’. A guy that chooses to book a tall, tanned blonde escort in London still doesn’t really know what she’ll be like, so by rights the whole thing shouldn’t work. But somehow it does, and really well. There are rarely complaints, from either party. Clients do feel that they know whom they’ll be meeting, based on the information and photos provided on the site.

The other reason I suppose it works so well is that dates with escorts tend to be short, and full of novelty factor. I always think it’s best to be left wanting more, and apply this to my own dating life by never going over about 3 hours on early dates.

London escorts have the benefit of being able to wow a client in a short space of time, before they have the opportunity to get to know each other too well (that’s when the problems start, in my opinion!)

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