No Likey…No Phoney

Have any of you suffered the indignity of watching ITV2’s new dating program ‘Take Me Out?’, if you have then you will undoubtedly know the horror show that I am referring to, if not then I shall enlighten you as to what the show constitutes of and warn you against ever wasting an hour of your life watching it. Basically in a poor attempt to replace the Saturday night institution that was Blind Date the good people at ITV2 have created a show that whilst having a ‘funny’ northerner as the host, does not actually come close to the watchability of Blind Date, I have unfortunately been forced to watch it with some of the London escorts and was not impressed. 

The show basically consists of 20 or so girls (none of whom come anywhere near the beauty of any of the escorts in London), these girls each stand behind a little button and wait for the cringe arrival of the guy that will be making the choice of which of them he would like to ‘take out’. The ball is not only in the guys court though as the girls also get the chance to switch of their button meaning that the guy cannot choose them if he wants to. After engaging in a number of annoying and embarrassing tasks which are likely to make even the most desperate of girls switch off their light the guy then gets to choose which of the girls that have left their light on (if any) that he would like to take on the little trip provided by the show.

Almost inevitably the holiday date never really works out and the whole thing ends up in a bit of a pointless waste of time.

One of the most frustrating things about the show is the fact that the girls really aren’t at all attractive. They have a selection of 20 females up there and very rarely will one ever catch the eye, so it baffles me as to why any guy in their right mind would go on the show to make a complete ass of themselves only to eventually walk away with a girl that isn’t very that attractive. Surely it would be so much simpler to just hire a busty escort in London. There is no question as to whether or not the London escort girls are more attractive then the girls on the show and from what I have seen they are a lot more fun too, so don’t you dare think about going on that show when a London escort is just a phone call away.

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