Whilst this is the time of year that most of us look forward to, the sunshine, the BBQ ‘s the London escorts wearing less, there are many reasons for us all to embrace the summertime, and for good reason, it is surely the most enjoyable time of the year, especially for those that get to go abroad on their summer holidays. But for some of us guys, whilst summer is often still enjoyable there is always a little something missing when the summertime comes around because this time of the year coincides with the end of the football season, which may already be pretty depressing for some (if your team doesn’t do so well) it leaves the weekends feeling pretty empty. What is there to do on a Saturday afternoon without football? It is what a lot of us look forward to the weekends for, being able to relax and watch the footie on a Saturday afternoon, Match of the Day on a Saturday afternoon and the odd midweek game that breaks up a boring week at work, it will all go missing over the course of the summer time unfortunately, so what do we do to get over this?

There are many ways we can attempt to alleviate the pain of missing football, buying ourselves expensive treats and gadgets is one of them, but this can only last for so long and the novelty will quite quickly wear off. For guys the ultimate distraction from most things, even football is a hot female, and as many of you already know they do not come much hotter than the London escorts. This surely makes hiring one of the escorts in London the perfect way to get over the end of the football season.  You can always fill yourself up with football transfer gossip and scandals that fill up the backpages of the newspapers, Ryan Giggs look away now, but this will not usually suffice, so my advice is to give one of the London escorts a call and go out and enjoy yourself on a Saturday afternoon. It might not quite be the same as going to the pub with your mates before going to the ground and watching the football but variety is the spice of life and surely a summer of filling your weekends with the lovely company of a sexy London escort throughout the summer months will make it a lost easier to forget about that gap that has been left by the departure of football.

This weekend we have got the Champions League final, the last shred of proper football until August, site back, enjoy it and then get ready to pick up the phone next weekend and give one of the London escorts a call, you wont regret it and you’ll soon be forgetting about what is was that you used to do on a Saturday afternoon.

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