Nice Bieiber

Whilst relaxing after a long day at the London escort HQ I was sat down ready to watch a little bit of football. There was no one else around in the offices so I thought that I would more than likely get my own way. Just my luck as I had just cracked open a cold can of beer and settled down with a big packet of walkers (the share bag of course as the little ones only tend to contain about 7 crisps) I heard the door open and some highly recognisable, and rather excited female voices started to echo through the London escort HQ. I turned around and noticed that some of the escorts in London had arrived and they started to explain how they had planned to watch the Brit Awards at work. There were 4 of them, and 1 of me, so you do the math. 4 sexy females asking you in that ‘we’re so cute and sweet’ way if they can watch the Brit’s, there isn’t really much you can do but bend to their demands, so I moved aside and allowed them to watch the Brit’s….great!

Whilst watching the show I noticed a part where the host was interviewing that strange little fella known as Justin Bieber. I have heard a lot about him, he seems to have become quite the popular little star. There is an incredibly cringe worthy catch line that they use to describe the crazy hysteria that surrounds him known as ‘Bieber fever’ and this was apparent during the interview as the little girls in the audience would not seem to shut up. This was the first time that I had seen him in an interview and I am convinced that he has been made in a laboratory as the perfect little marketing machine. I explained by theory to the escorts in London and they just laughed it off as though as was talking rubbish.

If you actually look at him he looks as though he is made from plastic, every little part of him seems overly perfect and for a 16 year old he seems a little bit too articulate and confident, all of this leads me to believe that he is a cyborg that has been created by American scientists to create a fan base of young screaming girls whose parents will be forced to spend their money on his 3D film, yes that’s right, Justin Bieber in 3D, the world is ending!


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