New faces at Playful Escorts

Playful Escort aficionados may notice that we’ve had a host of new faces on our site over the last few weeks.  This summer has been a super busy time, with potential Escort Girls calling daily, indicating an interest to be listed on the site. Our online profiles for Blonde Escorts, Eastern European Escorts and Latina Escorts have grown impressively, affording clients even more choice of beautiful companions. Added to our cheap prices – £110 an hour in Central London – and you’ve got a winning formula that our competitors are hard pressed to beat.

Like any business, performance speaks for itself. Our reputation for effectively marketing our Escort Girls and the fair and transparent way in which we operate has clearly made the rounds within the London Escort Industry, which is more close knit than you might think, despite the hundreds of agencies and independents involved. Escort Girls are notoriously fickle, changing agencies faster than you can say London. But its hard to blame them. Its a tough market, and many of them are in this profession primarily for the money. It is a job after all. Maintaining those lithe physiques and the beautiful locks you love to stroke requires regular income. They need to know that they are getting the best possible professional opportunities. This is the primary responsibility for their agency, and one we take very seriously.

We have a simple mandate here at Playful Escorts – find the most beautiful and charming London Escorts, market them well, provide the best client care possible, all for an affordable rate. That’s why we keep things fresh on the site, and refuse to up our rates even as inflation inches up. When we explain our position to the Playful recruits, they immediately see the logic of having regular work through our agency, rather than hoping for a call from some multi millionaire Arab to keep them busy. In fact, we’d highly encourage any such client to give us a call; with our low fees, he could book several of our lovely London Escorts, and reward each of the lovelies with a generous tip.

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