We get the same thing each and every year don’t we? The festival season comes around along with the start of Wimbledon, I get excited, the London escorts get excited and I am sure that you guys get pretty excited too but as is usually the case in the UK whenever we want it to be sunny it ends up being rainy, it has just become one of those standard things that happens each year, we are all used to it and we just have to get on with it, it is as simple as that. But if you are a big tennis fan and you don’t want to be put off by the weather then consider going along to watch the tennis with a London escort. I know that it is not easy to concentrate on the task at hand (being the tennis) when you have a gorgeous escort in London sat next to you but it will certainly make the day more bearable if play is stopped due to showers which more often than not it is.  

Do not hesitate to give one of the girls a call and see if she’d like to join you for a spot of tennis, just because they are females it does not mean that the girls do not like to indulge in a bit of sports every now and then, it is likely that whichever girl you choose will be the main attraction which sort of puts you in the spot light as well but I suppose that is just the price that you have to pay for going anywhere with a female as good looking as one of the London escorts. Even for those that are not massive funs of tennis it is still quite a nice day out to go and indulge in a bit of tennis watching, it feels very English, the clotted cream and scones with the jam, strawberries and sunshine mixed with rain, it doesn’t get more English than that does it?

I have never been the biggest fan of tennis but when it comes to Wimbledon I am always interested to see what is going on, all the big tennis stars show up from abroad and we always have our one English talent that we will on to win each year but never quite makes it, just like our football teams I suppose. So if you are looking for something different to do in the next few weeks and you’d like to show up to Wimbledon looking and feeling a bit special then give one of the London escort girls a call and I am sure they will want to join you on centre court, just try your best to keep your eyes on the tennis.

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