My Mate Fancies Your Mate

I had a slightly odd experience at the weekend when I went shopping in Boots (in the rather fantastic new mall near the London escort offices) and recognised the girl serving on the till. As I stood in the queue I desperately tried to remember where I knew her from but just couldn’t quite place her. She was reasonably pretty, with long, dark blonde hair and pale skin. When it was my turn to pay she smiled at me and I saw recognition change her face as she exclaimed ‘Hey, you were at Leavesden Green with me!’ Of course, Kerry Woods, from infant school. Her animated features looked very familiar now and a rush of memories came flooding in, although she was only a vague blur in them. I knew we hadn’t particularly been friends, just classmates for a few years. And then I remembered that I hadn’t really liked her because I found her face slightly annoying with it’s pointed chin, on top of the fact she was a bit of a cry-baby tell-tale type who would always be sobbing for her mum in the toilets.

We chatted for a couple of minutes, and I swear she was coming on to me! It was hard to tell if she was just being enthusiastic about unexpectedly seeing an old classmate, or if she was actually flirting. In any case, I came away with her phone number and a strange sense of nostalgia.

I spent the rest of the day deliberating over whether I should call her, and eventually decided against it. After all it wasn’t like we were ever mates, and I couldn’t risk that she would interpret any move as anything more than a friendly catch-up, as I found the thought a bit disturbing. Despite thinking she was a very attractive girl when I first saw her in the shop, once I’d spoken to and recognised her, all I could see was this whiney little wimp with a pointy chin! I know that’s not really logical, and totally unfair, but I find it very difficult to shake off early impressions of people.

Another example of this is when a guy moved into the sociable flats I currently live in, and rejected all my attempts at being friendly and welcoming. He was closed off and uninterested, and everyone decided he had some kind of superiority complex. After a while though he opened up and started being much more friendly, and we all learned he’d been having a difficult time personally. However, I still can only just bring myself to be civil with him since I still perceive him as basically being an arrogant sod.

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