My Best Date Ever

I remember my best date ever was with a girl I met just before I started working at the London escort offices a few years ago. I’d bumped into her, literally, at my local, and before I knew it she was asking if I wanted to take her out sometime! Bit more forward than I’m used to but I decided to take it as a big compliment. She was very pretty, sort of petite but voluptuous with curly blonde hair and big brown eyes – needless to say I was powerless to resist. Anyway, our date the following week began quite normally – we shared a bottle of wine (a liquid lunch) at the pub where we’d met, and had such a great time that we decided to go on somewhere else. She didn’t seem that keen on my suggestions of Leicester Square or London Bridge, and being a kooky/hippy sort she announced that she’d love to go to Kew Gardens, as she hadn’t been there since a field trip with her university several years ago.

It was a lovely sunny day so I was happy to go along with her suggestion, and I’m glad I did. We had a really amazing time. We travelled there using a Thames riverboat, which made things more exciting, and when we got in to the Gardens I was just bowled over by all the springtime displays of flowers and little mini-gardens complete with paths and bridges. Now I’m not the sort of guy who normally goes to this sort of place for fun, but I certainly enjoyed it a lot more than I’d expected to. I’d deny anyone to say the place isn’t relaxing and beautiful, especially on a warm spring day when you’re with a slightly drunk pretty girl who tells you what all the different plants are! She knew her stuff, and I found it quite inspiring – I think I’ve felt much more interested in nature since that day.

The fun didn’t stop there however. After a coffee at the little café, we wandered through the tropical greenhouses and out of the back, and found ourselves in a secluded area with ivy-covered gazebos. We sat inside one, watching the birds darting around outside, and before I knew what was happening I felt warm lips on my neck. We began kissing, and it was really passionate, like for the first time ever. Then my shirt was off and her dress slipped down…you can guess the rest!

So the point to all this is – dates could be much more creative than they often are, and I think trips to places that celebrate nature are not undertaken nearly often enough. Even in London there are loads of possible options – the Gardens, London Zoo, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, City Farm, the Sealife Centre. Imagine cosying up with a London blonde escort or a London elite escort inside a bird hide, or impressing your favourite London escort by showing her the coolest sharks in the Aquarium!

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