Mother and Daughter

I’ve been making the most of my lunch break at the London escort offices by gawping at an article on famous mum-and daughter look-alikes – the similarities in some cases are really astonishing! The best are Madonna and her daughter Lourdes – apart from hair colour they’re two peas in a pod, the almost gothic Pearl and Daisy Lowe, Demi Moore and her daughter Rumor (they look more like sisters, although there’s more than thirty years between them), Reese Witherspoon and her all-American little blonde girl and Meryl Streep and her daughter, who I swear have exactly the same face. I’m not used to mums and daughters looking so alike, but I guess these celebrities often enhance the effect by having very similar styling. Additionally, famous mums often don’t really look like mums at all – they’re either very young and radiant or they’ve had a lot of work to look like that. And their offspring are very lucky – apart from being able to afford the same grooming and personal care their mum has, they know they’ve got good genes and won’t end up looking horrible in their old age.

Most ‘normal’ people aren’t so lucky – their mums age in the usual way, with the weight gain, wrinkles and greying hair it entails. And most people, to be blunt, aren’t amazingly good looking in the first place – they know that even with good grooming they’re never gonna be beautiful fifty-five year olds – their mum is a mirror to their future. Having said that, there is a lot of differences between the generations these days that mean in theory, there should be hope for the younger ones being able to hang onto their looks better then their parents have. People are generally wealthier now (in this country) and live comfortable lives, making it easier to look after themselves. Health care is a lot better and there are a million different beauty treatments to be experimented with. On top of this, we’re ingrained with the importance of looking our best and staying young, so we’re probably more likely to take better care of our looks than previous generations.

So the moral is, even if your parents are no oil paintings, don’t give up hope! Although it does certainly help if you’ve got good genes. Mother and daughter Escort girls are conspicuous benefactors of very good genes. You can just see that they have the fundamental make-up to keep them good looking for life – i.e. great bone structure, svelte figures and healthy complexions. I can’t imagine blonde escorts in London or busty escorts in London having mums that lumber around embarrassing their beautiful daughters. In fact I’d be willing to wager that the mums of London escorts would be hot enough to form their own escort agency, a more senior version of what’s currently on offer! And the mums would probably only look around thirty five, so they could actually easily compete with their pretty little brats. Hmmm…. now there’s an idea to be with mom and daughter escorts…

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