May I have this (lap) dance?

There’s something very sexy about lap dancing. A woman’s barely clothed body slithering and sliding across yours in a provocative way. The beat of the music synchronising with the pulse of blood flowing away from your brain and towards your erm… manly parts.  Along with a few drinks, indulging in one of these sensual treats is certainly an essential component of a London lads’ night out.

There are many clubs within London to experience the pleasure of a great lapdance. These establishments range from the ultra elite to some very seedy joints.  The former really deliver a fantasy experience for patrons, with a tasteful decor, ultra premium bar and some of the most stunningly gorgeous women you’ll ever see. Everyone – from the bouncer to the night’s star performer – is operating from the same game plan; to make sure you enjoy every moment of your visit.  These exclusive gentlemens’ clubs can be found in many of London’s trendiest areas, and boast a clientele that includes the international who’s who in sport, entertainment and politics. Powerful men normally attract beautiful women, and we think that’s why many of escort girls can be found partying in the pleasure lounges of these clubs.

There are other clubs that are not as plush which provide great lap dance services for their patrons.  You can enjoy your lap dance in the semi privacy of a booth in many cases, or if you’re at a larger establishment, this could take place in a special room.

Lap dancers move with a certain grace and elegance at all times, and the best dancers know its more about sensual seduction than hardcore simulated sex. A great number of escort girls in London have or also work as lap dancers. It probably appeals to their sense of adventure, and highlights the fact that escort girls are really an uninhibited bunch, keen to ring the pleasure out of each experience.

So what are the rules when engaging a lap dancer for your very own private show? Firstly, respect is key. Patrons aren’t usually allowed to touch the dancers, or speak to them in a way which they deem offensive.  Be sure to generously tip the lady both during and after the performance, and immerse yourself in the pleasure of the experience. We know your fantasies will probably run to what a date with one of these ladies would be like, and we have the perfect solution in Nathalie, one of our top girls. Let this ex lap dancer heat your blood to a steady simmer with her enchanting body.

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