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If anyone needs a good massage The City whiz kids do, with the weight of the country’s financial stability resting heavily on their shoulders. Although I went through a phase when I was younger of wanting to be a City boy and live the high life, my enthusiasm started to wane when I realised that I would actually be spending most of my life incarcerated inside stress-rich office blocks, speaking for hours on the phone and trying not to lose millions of pounds of my bosses’ money. As glamorous as it may all look on films, thankfully I was able to imagine the reality of that way of life and accepted there must be ways of getting a great car and house that doesn’t have the potential to take such a personal toll. I guess most of the people doing it are probably particularly cut out for it and thrive on the high-pressure environment, but I’m also willing to bet they do feel the effects of it and need all the EC1 massage they can get their hands on.

The City is only a very small area, less than a mile square, in Greater London.  The historic core of the capital, its boundaries have remained unchanged since the middle- ages. Although only 10 000 people live in The City, around 330 000 work there. As the City is the base of the UK’s financial services industry, most of these workers are financiers and business people of some type, although the area is also an important base for the legal profession. Severe bombing of The City during the blitz of World War II sadly destroyed a lot of older, historic buildings, but allowed for large-scale developments, which has lead eventually to the construction of skyscrapers. The first of these was the 42-storey Natwest Tower in the 1970s. But The City isn’t as barren and dry as all this makes it sound – there are a network of small gardens and open spaces such as Finsbury Circus, which even has its own bowling green and bandstand. But more importantly than any of this, for anyone in dire need of that visit to a massage parlour The City has several Playful girls based in the area that love to help their clients de-stress with a top EC1 massage. These girls are as sexy, classy and beautiful as you’d expect of escorts living and working in such an important, high-value area, and in terms of massage The City girls are unrivalled in their skills – after all their clients tend to be quite demanding!

Luckily for anyone travelling to the area for a massage The City is exceptionally well-served by public transport – there are no less than 12 tube stations, plus the Dockland’s Light Railway and three mainline stations (Liverpool St, Fenchurch St, Cannon St). This means that for anyone coming from the outskirts of London to visit a massage parlour EC1 is one of the easiest locations to reach – making those stunning girls a little bit more accessible.

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