Massage Parlour South Kensington SW7

Of all the places to find a massage parlour South Kensington, with its rich population and upmarket property, seems somewhat unlikely. However, anyone after a SW7 massage or SW8 massage is in luck, as some of the most beautiful girls represented by Playful live around here and love to give massages to their clients. It’s amazing really, that these girls have obviously been so successful in their chosen profession that they can afford to live in such a wealthy, desirable locale in the centre of one of the world’s top capital cities – but I think if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of one of their massages you’ll understand why! What’s even better is that receiving this service from one of these top girls won’t set you back a penny more than a standard date with any other escort – in fact Playful’s rates are highly competitive in London, and for any client booking a massage South Kensington offers the best girls in the business for the impossibly reasonable price of £110 per hour.

Once, when I wanted a particularly good massage South Kensington was my first port of call. It was fortunate that, at this time of great need, there happened to be a new girl signed up by Playful that was wanting to impress me with her skills! Not one to stand in the way of enterprise, I agreed to visit Rosa at her apartment in order to experience a ‘test date’. On that afternoon I made my way to Gloucester Road tube station (one of South Kensington’s two tube stations) and then there was a short walk to her flat. The first thing I noticed was how immaculate her flat is (you get used to noticing this kind of thing when you have to interview escorts for a living!) and I really like the fact it was a proper home, comfy and inviting. Rosa was also very inviting, in fact she practically dragged me into the flat! I didn’t mind this, as she happens to be beguilingly beautiful with soft blonde hair and a very pretty face. She’s perfectly tanned and has a gorgeous figure, especially in the little silver negligee type thing she was wearing. I don’t think Rosa really needed to practice her massage skills at all – it felt like she’d been doing it all her life, and I told her that if she wanted to go all out and set up a massage parlour South Kensington property prices would go through the roof!

Rosa, while amazing, is not exceptional. In terms of massage South Kensington girls are all blessed with Goddess hands that can caress every little worry and stress out of your muscles, until you feel you’ve been re-born into a new, fresh body! And if you think this sounds over the top I can only suggest that you try a SW7 massage for yourself!

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