Massage Parlour Lancaster Gate W2

The last time I went to a massage parlour Lancaster Gate was my chosen destination – as I happen to know that the escort girls around there are particularly well-versed in the different forms of massage. I don’t know why it is that, for the purposes of getting an amazing massage Lancaster Gate is the place to find all the ‘experts’ on the subject – birds of a feather flock together, and all that? Whatever the reason, it makes going for the ultimate W2 massage as easy as pie, since the area is so easily accessed from anywhere in London (it’s on the tube, has several bus routes, and as within walking distance to Paddington mainline station).

If you’re after something a little more interesting than a straightforward massage parlour Lancaster Gate is the place to find very sexy girls that have a lot of know-how. I once had to conduct a ‘date interview’ (where, based on their performance on a ‘date’ I decide whether to have Playful represent an escort) there for a girl called Freya, who was signed to Playful for a while before returning to her home country. I remember distinctly looking forward to this date as Freya had made quite an impression when we first met – she was Mexican, and suitably fiery, with straight black hair down to her tiny waist and surprisingly big boobs for her small frame. She was wearing denim shorts and a white blouse at the initial interview, and to say I found her looks and sheer presence overwhelming would be an understatement. When I went for the massage Lancaster Gate itself was very easy to find, just set back from Bayswater a nice distance from the chaos of central London. Freya’s apartment was lovely, very cosy and with a kind of old-fashioned elegance that, to be honest, I didn’t really expect from the young Latina sex bomb. She continued to surprise me, with an exciting and stimulating aromatherapy massage. She had a great collection of oils in a basket, and warmed some chamomile, lavender and geranium, which she told me would have a calming effect. They smelled lovely and certainly added a great dimension to the massage – I think I may have relaxed a little too much! After the massage we sat and chatted for a while, me in a comfy towelling robe to help absorb the excess oils and make sure I didn’t get it all over Freya’s smart new couch. She told me how she’d been interested in aromatherapy massage since very being young, and claimed to actually have cured people of various ailments using her concoctions and strenuous massage techniques.

Although it is one of the best places to go for a massage Lancaster Gate is only one example of area in London where you can find the most dedicated, expert escorts. Most girls represented by Playful are qualified masseuses, and as we like to think of ourselves as a pretty bespoke service, if you want any particular kind of treatment it’s always worth discussing with us so we can find the perfect girl for you.


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