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Marble Arch is one of those crazy city places where traffic seems to hurtle from about twenty different directions, all converging on a roundabout that also happens to be a magnet for hapless tourists. It’s a bit chaotic at times, but fortunately, amidst all this chaos, there are Marble Arch escorts that can whisk you away into the private solace of their apartments for some r & r.

The reason for Marble Arch’s traffic madness is that it lies at the junction of Oxford Street, Park Lane and Edgware Road. Add to this its proximity to Hyde Park, the West End and the fact there’s a great big marble monument of historical value sat in the middle of it all, and you can understand why the area is a little on the busy side. In terms of an area of London, Marble Arch also refers to the southern portion of Edgware Road, in itself a very popular place. Despite the chaos, Marble Arch escorts seem to love living where they do – it’s scenic, exciting, interesting and within easy walking distance of so many other great places, such as Soho and all the great shops along Oxford Street. Also, for anyone wanting to visit an incall escort Marble Arch is very easy to get to, with its own tube station (on the central line) and a whole host of bus routes.

I once ended up taking a date to Marble Arch. We’d been for a meal in Edgware Road and decided to go for a walk around afterwards to try and work off the hefty dessert. We ended up on the traffic island where the Arch sits, looking quite closely at the monument and getting into a bit of a discussion about British history. For a London boy like myself, the Arch was nothing special, but the girl I was with had never even seen it before and was absolutely fascinated! She said it was really beautiful, and really appreciated me taking her there! It was a successful evening, all in all.

For escorts Marble Arch seems to hold the same kind of appeal – many of them are from abroad and love to see all the architecture and history that London has. Maybe this influenced their decision to live in the area. The fact is, it’s a really prime location, and the W1 escorts that live there tend to have a particularly vivacious streak about them! They love entertaining clients, whether it’s out and about in their adopted city, or relaxing in their nice apartments tucked away from the noise and mayhem surrounding the arch.

As much as I love the crazy Marble Arch area, for me it’s really the beautiful Marble Arch escorts that make it special. They may even be the most stunning of all the W1 escorts represented by Playful, especially with their particular brand of youthful vigour and cheerful personalities.

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