Make the Most of the Kids Bonfire Party

I think that half the fun of meeting one of our London escorts is the illicit nature of it. Even if you’re totally free and single there’s the arrangements to be made, the appointment to be kept and the first meeting that is always nerve racking if you’ve not met the London Escort in question before. Multiply that by 10 if you’re in a relationship of some kind. Why can’t women understand that just because you visit one of the Escorts London supplies, does not mean you necessary don’t love the Mother of your kids or your fiance or your long term partner? I love my cat…but I wouldn’t want to fuck him.

Tonight there will be a lot of Bonfire Parties and, if you have kids, the wife has probably arranged for you .to go round to the neighbours/friends or family for the festivities. Well why not combine the evening with some fireworks of your own (and we’re not talking the Standard variety). Say to the wife that she deserves a nice quiet night in with the remote…why don’t you hire that film you wanted to see? I’ll take the kids to the party….stage 1 complete. Then call us to arrange the London Escort girl of your choice for an hours Incall….stage 2 complete. Then being the doting husband and partner arrive home with a nice take away for the wife and scoop the kids up into the car and off to where ever.

The kids are so excited that they could wet themselves and can’t wait to get away from you so they can play with the bonfire. You then approach the hosts and make you’re excuses…if you really want to push the adrenalin button you could say the wife’s not well but that’s almost suicidal. Say you’ve got a client whose invited you to his and you just want to pop in and show your face ( I guess if you’re a bus driver that could cause more trouble than its worth). The hosts are so busy with Bangers and Iceland nibbles that they don’t have time to piss so they won’t bat an eye. Then you’re free!!!. You got a window of between 2 hours and 3. You’ve got the prospect of meeting up with one of the horniest London Escorts and the added bonus of the adrenalin pumping through a mixture of fear and excitement. So many possible scenarious….the wife calls the host….one of the kids gets his leg blown off with a Roman Candle….your car breaks down in Paddington…you get done for a traffic offence on camera in your wife’s car without realising it. You wife’s best friend works as a London Escort for us for a bit of pin money and she’s your chosen date.

I could go on and on but I’m going to scare you too much…a little adrenalin is good…a heart attack isn’t…add that the list…a heart attack. Anyway the possibilities for disaster are there but they only make the sweetness of that illicit meeting all the more delicious. The chances are you’ll get away with it and arrive back at the kids bonfire party just in time to see the big rockets going off and grab some much needed sustenance. The kids won’t have even noticed you’re gone and the wife is going to so pleased that you made such a kind gesture that you gave her some quality time, you may end up getting seconds.

Live Life a little Dangerously Good Luck.

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