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I went for my first ever official makeover last week! Inspired by the shiny new hair and nails of several of the London escorts I decided to book myself into one of those day-long studio sessions where they do everything with you to improve your looks – take you shopping and help you pick out some clothes, get their in-situ hairdressers to work on your barnet, give you a facial and an expert make-up lesson and a manicure.

I have to say I was very pleased with the results, although I wouldn’t exactly say it was the best look I’ve ever had in my life. My long dark hair was cropped in to a choppy modern bob with dark blonde highlights; my make-up was done old Hollywood style with the heavy eyebrows and red lips (actually suits me much better than I imagined it would) and for clothes I was draped in a dark green blouse and long white skirt. It looks better than it sounds, honest!

I’ve always loved the ideas of makeovers, probably ever since I used to watch the Rikki Lake show as a teenager, where they were featured several times a week. I could never get enough of seeing how improved someone could be just with a good bit of styling. Now of course, makeovers tend to consist of more than a haircut and some new togs – take that show ‘Ten Years Younger’ for example. They really go the whole hog on that – big dental treatments, chemical peels, botox, dermal fillers, facelifts, collagen implants, eyebrow tattoos, laser hair removal – you name it they do it. I guess the treatments have to be pretty dramatic to take a decade off someone’s looks, but it does worry me a bit that the modern world seems to have developed such a blasé attitude to risky things like having surgery in the name of vanity.

Hopefully for now I can get away with the less extreme self improvements, but I’d never rule out at least having something like botox in a few years time. I know I have bowed to the pressure on women to try and look their beautiful best at all times, but it’s pretty tough to ignore. This is especially the case as I’m constantly dealing with fantastically gorgeous young escort girls who put me to shame every time I turn up for work in my raggedy jeans or with chipped nail polish. The girls are fairly bad for my ego, but at the same time it’s quite inspiring to see how they’ve styled themselves. I do take a lot of ideas from them, for example ways to pin up my hair, or the best colour eye shadows on pale skin etc.

I’m kind of bewildered by the fact that busty escorts in London and blonde escorts in London just seem to know exactly how to look amazing, despite their obvious youth. There’s none of the ill-fitting jeans or messy hair that plagued me at that age! Seriously, what do London escorts know that I don’t?!

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