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Well, after weeks of build up and marketing ranging from TV adverts to whole aisles in supermarkets filled with love hearts and boxes of chocolate, Valentine’s day is finally here. For those that do wish to celebrate the day it is a bit rubbish that it has fallen on arguably the worst day of the week, a Monday, but hey at least the sun is out. I imagine that a lot of couples will have celebrated it over the weekend, the London escorts that I have spoken to this morning said that they received a lot of requests to go for dinners over the weekend and whilst doing so they saw an unusual amount of couples. What has been interesting about today is the stark contrast at which Valentine’s Day appears to have been received. I was comparing our friends Facebook status updates with one of the escorts in London earlier and it was quite funny to observe how different the perception of Valentine’s Day is for a lot of people. 

Whilst some of the Facebooker’s has ‘statuses’ declaring their love for their other half and the day celebrating St Valentine the other people had nothing but angry scathing comments to make about the day and what it represents. The London escorts assumed that there was an obvious division that could be easily broken down, they basically think that the people that are in relationships are obviously the people that like it and those that are single are inevitably the ones that do not like it and make angry comments about it but with a little research we actually found that this was not the case.

>Many of the people that had written annoyed comments about Valentine’s Day were actually those that were in a relationship and predictably many of these comments came from disgruntled guys. It is quite easy to understand why this is the case, it can be very much a case of pleasure for girls and pain for guys. A perfect example of this presented itself to me over the weekend, I was strolling down my local high street and noticed an advertisement saying “Guys: Have your flowers delivered straight to the destination of your choice, do not forget because she won’t!” Now it might just be me but does this not sound a little bit forceful? Kind of backing us guys into a corner and forcing us to spend a silly amount of money on flowers?

Either way the day is finally here and for some it will be full of pleasure while for others it may be quite painful. If any of you get bored tonight and want some company remember that our London escorts are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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