Lottery Winners..Take an Escort on Holiday

Sun, sea, sand, sangria… what’s missing and begins with ‘S’?? A Special Someone of course! But is it vital to have that Special Someone or could it be a London Escort? When you’re travelling the world or even just enjoying a short break in another country, it’s great to go with somebody you can have fun with. Pardon me saying so, but too many of us succumb to nagging wives who just want to get a winter tan. Let’s face it, if we’re the breadwinners then why shouldn’t we actually enjoy the holiday that we spend our hard-earned cash on? We want to go with someone who’s really hot, really fun and really hot. And of course, really hot. And did I mention she needs to be hot? Yes, let’s face it guys, when we’re away on vacation, we want something pretty to look at. And not just ogling the Danish tourists on the beach, we want to be proud to be with somebody just as hot, if not hotter, than the babes that attract everybody’s attention.

So why not take a Busty Escort in London with you on your next adventure? Much more eye-catching than your average ladies, one of our girls would make you feel like James Bond on location! Bikini-clad, long-haired, long-legged beauty is something that would take your trip to the next level. Actually, forget that – it would take you through the roof! Side by side next to the turquoise sea, under the azure sky – you in your Bermuda shorts and her in a tiny silver bikini – now is that your idea of paradise or what? Much better than being constantly chivvied and nagged by a certain someone, or even worse – sitting alone and miserable at the end of the cocktail bar, practically crying into the salted peanuts! (Don’t ever eat the salted peanuts – trust me.) The Escort London is offering you is your chance to upgrade to a five-star break without changing hotels!

When selecting which Escort in London to accompany you on your voyage, bear in mind that variety is the spice of life! Saying that, we blokes know what we like, so if you’re keen to take a Blonde Escort from London’s selection then of course go ahead! I warn you now that it’s going to be a touch choice to make! If I had my way I’d take the whole bunch of girls with me, and see every single bloke in the resort turn green with envy and their wives trying to switch hotels! For me, indulgence and decadence means everything. I work damn hard, and I’m sure you guys can relate to that. So in return for my blood, sweat and tears I don’t want to be nagged or pestered or argued with – I want to relax, chill and spend some quality time with someone beautiful. Makes complete sense, doesn’t it! And where better to fulfill this quota than on my twice-yearly escape. Our girls love holidays even more than we do so give us a call and put a big smile on someone’s face!

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