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I try to do this blog first thing in the morning while my mind is clear and before our London Escorts wake up. I brew a nice big pot of coffee and settle down in a big armchair with my laptop to think about what you might be interested in hearing. One thing that does bug you is when one of your favourite girls leaves. I get the calls where’s Roxy? why has Erika gone? where has she gone? or worse still, I was going to book a date with Adella and now she’s not on the site is she still working ( I think you already know the answer to that one.

You see what you have to understand is that our girls a free and easy and they do come and go. We have no hold over them and do you not think it’s even more disappointing for me when we’ve got some nice photos done of her, set the girl up on the site, promoted her on various escort directories and then she just up’s and goes. So your frustration I can assure you is matched and exceeded by my own. The problem I’m afraid is made worse by the fact that we are a budget escort agency. Most girls think that are worth more, most Escort Agencies will tell them that they are worth more (don’t tell the girls but a lot of the time they’re right) and so it is a constant battle to keep them happy and keep them working with us.

How we survive is by accepting that there will be a turnover of girls and constantly recruiting. So we are always getting new girls coming onto the site usually as fast as we lose them. We even get a few girls returning once they’ve tested the water at Toffs-Totty.com and discovered being busy is better than a price tag of 300 quid but no clients. My advice to you is to keep your eye on the site for our new girls and when you see one that you really like, don’t um and arrgh about it for 2 months planning your campaign of action, just ring and book the girl before she disappears. We get all sorts of London Escorts working with us, from seasoned professionals to the one’s that haven’t got a clue what they are doing. I find that in so many instances it’s these new girls who haven’t lost their enthusiasm who actually make for the best dates. You need to watch the site to spot these as they come onto the site.

Have a nice weekend.

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