Lonely in the City?

I was on the Central Line last week when a woman asked for directions to Westfield Shopping Centre. It was a busy Saturday morning, and as she made the request to the entire carriage, in a load, clear voice, you could count the number of heads that turned to acknowledge her presence, much less respond to her query. Everyone was so absorbed in themselves, they either did not or could not engage in what would’ve been a straightforward discussion.

London can be a very lonely place. I think its the price we pay for living in a space which allows for so much freedom of individual expression. Its a place to experiment and enjoy yourself, with a network of largely superficial relationships which may also includes close family members and lifelong friends.

Perhaps it is this yearning for connection why so many of the clients I meet spend alot of time just talking. Oh, it rarely gets specifically personal – like partners and children. But it can be quite profound. Like a client watching an old man shuffle across the road while on his way to meet me, and envisioning himself at that age, imagining the thoughts of the man waiting for him to get out of the way so that he can rush to something more important. A man very much like himself. The little reflective moments that make us all pause and wonder about the lives we lead in this city.

As an Escort, I’ve become very adept at gauging my clients need to speak and be listened to, with a good deal of patience and sensitivity. It is a social profession after all, which caters for people looking for a connection of some kind.

The beauty of speaking with a London Escort is that it rarely comes with any consequences. She is impartial, pleased to provide a listening ear and perhaps a comforting shoulder, even if just for an hour. Escort Girls are rarely a judgemental sort, and deeply understand the basic human need for positive affirmation and comfort. We’re very good at helping people to relax and unwind, even if its only for the proverbial moment, and perhaps represent the connection that is often missing from our daily interactions.

Now, I’m no philosopher, but I think its fair to say that I am as much a glamorous companion as I am a good listener. Most Escort Girls would probably say the same, which gives me some small degree of satisfaction that our work helps to make London a better place.

I’m sure there are those who will disagree, but then, that’s the beauty of a big city. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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