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There are times that I look at the society that I live in and I’m proud to be part of it. When I walk the streets of London and I see the incredible mix of cultures it makes me proud to be English. That we all manage to live together without bombing the shit out of each other…that whether you are muslim of not is still not an issue even in London where hundreds of people have been killed due to extremists is a testament to a Londoners sense of what is right and our strong beliefs in welcoming the World to London.

Our London Escort girls are a cosmopolitan bunch as well. They come from every continent, every colour and creed and they are all loved in equal measures by you guys. We do try our best to give you as wide a selection of different girls as possible and we advertise in Foreign language publications in London to try to attract the girls who are finding it hard to survive here in London working in a cafe or shop. That way you get to see a lot of fresh girls that are new to the London Escort scene and we know that this is you best chance of getting that illusive genuine GFE. Inevitably the Escorts London offers you guys can be jaded and tired of the Industry. It doesn’t take long for that to happen, so we aim for fresh faces, a turn over of young girls new to London and Escort work and then we support them as much as possible to encourage them to stay.

That way you get the best that our great city can offer and we maintain our reputation as the 5th Emergency Service.

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