London Escorts are the Best

I’m asking the question guys, where in the World do you find the best Escorts? Well, I guess the first thing we have to establish is what constitutes ‘the best’, lets define our terms. I think you want a genuine girl. Someone who, but for a twist of fate, might have been a social worker or a nurse. I mean she’s got to have an empathy with people and see the job almost as a vocation (no not vacation!). Then there’s looks, well in terms of London Escorts being the best in the World you’re not going to find a city with a greater choice of different nationalities, races, religions and colours. So I think we come tops there, no question.

I think you’ve got to look at also how the Industry is administered. I think in that respect London falls down a little. Not that that is our fault, it’s the hipocrasy of our legal system that doesn’t have the guts to legislate properly for us to make sure people are not exploited and stay safe yet at the same time these people are frequent users of the industry themselves…they want it to stay as the equivalent of them having the midnight tuck feast at St Toff’s Boarding School against Matron’s strict adds to the excitement for them maybe. But for our girls we want them protected properly without anyone thinking that there’s a chance there going to get away with something because of the shadowy laws that operate.

Note: if you are one of those people who think we won’t call the police if anything happens, understand we have a good relationship with our local police, we are not acting illegally and we will not hesitate to call them if you step out of line…that’s a promise!!.

Sorry but I had to slip that it for the scumbag’s out know who you are.

So I guess I’m saying that in terms of variety, London Escorts win hands down. I think the vocational point we sometimes fall down on, although Playful do their utmost to weed out the girls who aren’t committed to the cause, they do slip through. I’ll admit that I’ve never booked an Escort in the States and they do usually do Service industries pretty well..but usually only if there’s a Cheeseburger at the end of it and their ‘have a nice day (you mother fucker)’ insincerity leaves me cold.

I think London Escort Services will out perform most other countries, but I see our services as a little like that of the department store. You’re getting a little bit of everything. Inevitably that means we can’t be the best at everything. If you go to Thailand and that is your personal preference, you can find an GFE second to none in the World. If you go to Russia you can find the most beautiful women, if you go to Brazil it is possible to find the most exquisite beach babe to date for the price of a trip to the Harvester (that’s not meant as an endorsement..don’t eat there). But they are specific genre’s and inevitably the department store cannot compete in every department with the specialist.

On balance and in conclusion I think you should consider yourself lucky (in a nice way I mean) to have London Escorts on your door step and all I can say is enjoy!!…although I think all things considered I’d rather be in Thailand myself.

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