Little Miss Sunshine

Last night I was watching the ‘Miss World’ competition with some friends, and we spent an enjoyable evening discussing the girls’ various attributes and saying whom our favourites were. I was particularly enamoured with Miss Portugal, who was tall, graceful and radiant, with gorgeous long caramel-coloured hair and dark blue eyes.

One of my friends plumped for Miss Nigeria – he’s always loved the exotic look – and I had to admit she had a very adorable smile and great skin. My other friend loved Miss Canada, who looked very fresh and wholesome with blonde curls and hazel eyes.

They were all beautiful though – as you’d expect for a Miss World contest. At the end of the programme I happened to remark that although they were all very good looking and certainly had top-class grooming, in themselves they were no more naturally attractive than our London escorts. My friends snorted and laughed at first. “Are you telling me the girls at a cheap escort agency could enter the Miss World Contest?” “Of course they could!” I insisted. “And just because we offer the escort services at budget rates doesn’t mean the girls aren’t first rate. They’re as beautiful as any escorts in London that I’ve seen. And they’re certainly diverse enough to enter Miss World”

To prove my point I got them looking at the website for Playful, and pointed out some of the most gorgeous of the girls. “Look at Camilla. She’s from Venezuela – is she any less attractive than Miss Portugal?” The guys had to admit she was absolutely stunning.

Then I showed them Candy, a busty escort with perfect figure and lovely face – an easy match for Miss Nigeria. “And as for our blonde escorts” I continued, “Just look at Nicole. Isn’t she just as sweet and pretty as Miss Canada?”

The guys had no choice but to admit, when faced with the evidence, that our London escorts were equally as beautiful as the Miss World entrants. I couldn’t get them away from the computer then! They insisted on finding the escort versions of all the girls they could remember seeing in the contest. For Miss Sweden they chose the delectable, saucy Rosa, and for Miss Russia the gorgeous 22-year-old Alina. Naughty-looking Monica took the cup for the Czech Republic, cheeky but sweet Mercedes flew the flag for Sweden, and Carmen was elected the official English Rose.

Watching them totally absorbed in the girls on the screen, I felt quite proud of our London escorts. Although the escort agency offers its services for fair prices due to the recession, it absolutely never compromises when it comes to the quality of the girls. I find it incredible that so many men drool over beautiful women on TV or in magazines, presuming them to be unattainable because of their extreme beauty and charisma – and all they have to do is recruit the services of an escort agency in London that’s right under their noses.

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