“Liking” London escorts

So I have been a Facebook user for quite some time now, I was unwittingly forced into it by the London escorts who made an account for me and then handed it over for me to take control of. I will admit that I did find it quite intriguing and like most people seem to do on Facebook I decided to take a little peak at a few ex’s profiles just to see if they were better looking now compared to when I was with them (even thought I would never admit to myself that they looked good even if I thought they did.) There is also the habitual joining of groups and creating/attending events, all things that make Facebook quite a handy tool and for those stalkers out there it is of course good for looking up hot girls like the London escorts as many people seem to do. But the one thing that I just cannot get my head around is the whole idea of status updates.

They are quite a strange habit to have, I don’t really understand the need to tell everyone on your Facebook, which for a lot of people is well over 100 people or ‘friends’ exactly where you are and what you are doing, surely this is just a recipe for disaster? I asked a few of the escorts in London why they do it and they had no real explanation at all, they just said it is a bit of a strange habit that a lot of people tend to get into, especially females. I have always thought that it is a bit of a way to show off, people often announce that they are “having a nice dinner at Gaucho” or “just bought a new car” or some other way of informing people that they are doing something that they should be jealous of or they have bought something that they should envy, you rarely catch people saying, “just bought a load of Asda smart price baked beans because I cannot afford anything else,

The London escorts say that they sometimes do it just to inform their friends and the other escorts in London where they are incase they want to meet up or if they are in a similar area they can go to the same places, which I suppose I understand. The one that really annoys me is when people do an obviously open ended status that they expect people to ask questions of “Bob is so annoyed right now,”….”why Bob, what’s up?”. I do not get why people choose to aire their problems on the internet in such a way but then again I don’t get a lot of things these days, I just ask the elite escorts in London to explain things to me instead.

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