Life’s Rich Tapestry

A female friend of mine recently dyed her hair back to its original blonde colour, having been a brunette for a year. She’s very lucky in that she looked equally as good with both colours – I really couldn’t pick between them. I asked her, now that she’s spent time as both a blonde and a brunette, if it’s true that ‘blondes have more fun?’ She replied that she never really felt any difference, and received exactly the same amount of attention from men when she dyed her hair dark as she had when she was a natural blonde. I guess most of this kind of thing is just perception  – it comes from inside and is more to do with the person’s character as much as anything else. She always does well for herself because she’s gorgeous and bubbly, and that comes across whatever her hair colour. I’d be interested in the result, however, if she did something more drastic like got a crew cut! I suspect her natural bubbly-ness may have to go into overdrive….

Some men have very strong preferences for hair colour and style on women – generally opting for long and blonde – whereas others aren’t that bothered and it’s just a minor factor in a woman’s overall attractiveness. Other times a past experience shapes a preference. For example, while I don’t have any big preference when it comes to blonde v brunette (I’d actually choose brunette if it came down to it), I have a particular penchant for redheads that began in secondary school when I had a huge crush on my maths teacher. She had cascading auburn hair, freckles and hazel eyes – a look that women can carry off really well, unlike poor carrot-top men.
It’s good that there is a lot of diversity of looks in the world, and that there are fans for all types. Our celebrities provide beautiful examples of different hair colours and how well they work when sat atop a gorgeous face. For red hair, think Christine Hendricks from ‘Mad Men’. Angelina Jolie models perfect brunette locks and Sharon Stone is still the ultimate blonde bombshell.

The escorts here at ‘Playful’ represent the different hair colours just as strikingly as the celebs. Busty Carla has a soft golden glow to her tresses that make it a little more interesting than blonde, while die-hard blonde fans are spoilt for choice with the likes of curvaceous Toni or cheeky Mercedes. Brunette devotees are also in luck, with gorgeous ladies like Sabrina, Ria or Cindy to pick from.

Like busty escorts in London, blonde escorts in London get a lot of bookings from clients who love the supermodel glamour of their stunning date. Brunettes are very popular too, and tend to be the choice for clients that need a ‘plus-one’ to accompany them to a work function.

All our London escorts are beautiful, of course, and it’s the differences between them that make them even more exciting.

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