Last Word On Andy Gray

I imagine that most of you will have heard about the whole ‘sexism scandal’ that has engulfed SKY Sports this week. If you haven’t I will give you a quick rundown: Basically the two lead presenters at Sky Sports; Andy Grey and Richard Keys were recorded having a conversation off mike about a female linesman or ‘lineswoman’. During this conversation they implied that women could not possibly understand the offside rule whilst also having a slight dig at West-Ham chief executive Karen Brady. Following up from this two videos were then posted on YouTube, one of Richard Keys asking Jamie Redknapp if he had slept with a girl that they were talking about, or as Richard put it “did you smash her?” and the other showing Andy Grey asking a female co-presenter if she could “tuck his microphone into his trousers” for him. As a result of this Grey was sacked and Keys was forced to resign after making a public apology on TalkSport. Now, I am not sexist, I have much love and respect for females but I do think that this seems a bit harsh. I asked some of the London escorts what they thought and as women they even said that they were not at all offended by those comments, so what I want to know is whether the hate mongering that has ensued over these silly comments is really worth it?

It was very interesting to get the opinion of the escorts in London on this matter, being women I thought that inevitably they would be a good measure of just how offensive those comments are, and from what they said on the matter it does not seem as though they were that offensive at all. In all honesty it is probably a watered down version of what you would hear most guys saying to their mates in a pub. If asking a mate whether or not they “smashed” a girl is sexist then I think that most of us are probably guilty as charged. The London escorts seemed to find it quite funny, a guy that age using that term is more embarrassing for him than derogatory for women.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not very nice to say that a woman is unlikely to understand the offside rule, but I imagine if a guy was to burst into a makeup store and start to talk about his knowledge of makeup and a woman was to question how much he really knew about it there wouldn’t be too much of a fuss.

If you fancying having a word with one of our London escorts about their thoughts on the subject then give one of them a call and arrange something, but don’t question their knowledge of the offside rule!

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