Lancaster Gate Escorts W2

Lancaster Gate escorts may have the disadvantage of not living in a very well known part of London (which can deter clients wanting to arrange an incall), but they more than make up for this by being the sauciest, sexiest, most exciting girls in the capital. And once people realise that Lancaster Gate isn’t some little cul-de-sac right out in Windsor but is in fact situated just off Bayswater Road in west central London, there really seems to be no reason not to visit the escorts Lancaster Gate houses in its posh Victorian terraces.

As for these escorts Lancaster Gate is very familiar to me, although not because I’ve ever lived there. But when I was a child I was dragged on repeated visits to an elderly aunt, who lived just round the corner from Kensington Gardens. Our Dad always used to point out the old gate at the entrance to the gardens – Lancaster Gate – the area’s namesake.  My old aunt had a healthy pension that allowed her to live somewhere so expensive (although there are certainly pricier places in London), and my parents were always very envious of her flat, which was the lower floor of a gorgeous old house. I think Lancaster Gate escorts are very lucky to be living in such a lovely place, although obviously they’ve worked hard to be able to set up home in such a desirable neighbourhood. For people seeking incall escorts Lancaster Gate is not a bad place to wind up. In fact, if you were dating a W2 escort from this area, it would be a crying shame not to see where she lives at some point and spend some time chilling out there. Lancaster gate offers the holy grail of escort dating: a perfectly discreet and quiet location, yet still right in the heart of London. Within a few minutes of leaving an escorts Lancaster Gate apartment you can be choosing between an array of bars and restaurants in the Bayswater area, getting on the tube (Lancaster Gate has its very own tube station, in Travelcard zone 1), or walking towards Paddington for whatever mainline train you might happen to need. And if it’s open spaces you’re after – why not accompany a Lancaster Gate escort for a walk in the adjacent Hyde Park? I used to have picnics there with my family and our aunt and it always had such a lovely, relaxed atmosphere about it.

I’ll always have fond memories of Lancaster Gate, even though I used to drag my heels about going there and on occasion had to be bodily carried to the car (my aunt could be a bit of a scary creature, especially when she forgot to put her teeth in). Now I can barely keep away from those Lancaster Gate escorts with their perfect figures, lovely youthful faces and zest for life. Whenever a client books one of the W2 escorts I find myself thinking ‘You flipping lucky bloke!’

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