Kitty on the Love Boat

The conversation with the receptionist had me a little worried – this would be an unusual date.

‘So, I’ve had a request for you and Milan to meet two charming gentlemen from Scotland this evening.’

I scoffed. ‘Can you really put charming and Scotland in the same sentence?’ My experience with the Scots was limited to a pub contest for who could down the most pints. I was still bitter at the loss.

‘Give it a chance Kath. You may be pleasantly surprised.’

Grudgingly, I asked her to tell me more.

‘They’d like you girls to join them for a night cruise.’

‘Okay …’ then, ‘You know I suffer from sea sickness right?’

She laughed. ‘It’s not really the sea is it? Its just a couple of hours on the Thames.’

I turned to Milan, ‘Are you up for a cruise tonight? The guys sound like fun blokes and we’ve never done anything like this before.’

She smiled. ‘I’m up for it if you are.’

I quickly confirmed the details, and ended the telephone call.

Milan bounced up off the sofa, and rushed into our bedroom.

‘Come on then, we need to get ready!’

I smiled at her enthusiasm. Milan was my best friend, and a fellow Escort Girl. We were both young, beautiful, and enjoying the best of life in a fabulous city. What more could we need than a gorgeous South Kensington apartment with easy access to the best designer shops and the company of great guys? I always looked forward to our double dates, which sometimes got very naughty indeed. We were the only blond duo escorts in our London Escort Agency, and were always in demand. Suddenly feeling better about the evening, I went to get my coat. A girl couldn’t go on a river cruise without a proper pedicure could she?

It was just past nine in the evening when Milan and I hopped out of our taxi at the pier. I’d chosen a lace Stella McCartney number that really complimented my busty curves. Milan had opted to wear a red Herv ébandage dress that moulded lovingly to her athletic frame. I could feel the stares of people around us, especially women. But we were both used to it – not an unpleasant side effect of being young and beautiful.

Milan grabbed my arm.

‘Is that them?’

I followed her gaze to the two men walking towards us. As they approached, my mind did a double take. Who’d have thought there were such good looking chaps from Scotland?

They reached us and I was able to appreciate them much better. Both men had dark hair, broad shoulders, and stood just over six feet tall. The one on the left, who was introducing himself as James, had a clear strong voice, and when he leaned in for a hug my heart fluttered more than a little.

‘And this is Douglas,’ James introduced his friend, who had his eyes glued to Milan. He gave me a brief hug, before taking Milan’s hand.

James put his hand at the small of my back.

‘Shall we?’ he motioned towards a sleek yacht waiting at the pier.

I smiled in anticipation.


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