Just for Fun – London Escorts adverts in the Lonely Hearts

The many beautiful women who pass through the doors here at Playful Escorts on a daily basis seem so confident and composed that we take it for granted that they are all leading balanced, well adjusted lives outside of their working hours.  London Escorts are well known the world over for their discretion, professionalism, and for being charming, engaging companions – no easy feat in this often stressful city.  Our escort girls are no different – our clients get the same quality care and attention as they would at other reputable agencies, just at a fraction of the cost. They’re such good sports, our ladies, making each date unique and providing clients with such excellent service that it rarely comes to mind that they lead very full lives outside of their working hours. Like all ordinary folks living in a big city, the need for consistent companionship may be required, and perhaps they, like fifty percent of the urban population, explore dating sites and personals as a way of meeting people.  So I started to play around and wondered what would happen if, and this is a very big if, some of our Escort Girls wrote up a dating profile or personals ad. In this just for fun edition, challenge yourself to match the profiles below to the right London Escort. Leave us a comment with your answers – you just might be rewarded!

Tall, slim Italian beauty, 5ft7, 20, gsoh, likes meeting new people and keeping fit and beautiful. Seeks sweet sensitive guy or girl for fun and friendship. Previously worked in a coffee shop and now works from Bond Street.

Busty, curvy, Brunette, 5ft6, 21, enjoys working on her tan and being the centre of attention. Seeks relaxed, fun loving man or woman for friendship and naughty games. Portuguese language skills a plus.

Two brunettes and a little blond. Trio of lovely ladies, ages 20 and 21 available for unforgettable party nights. Love to unwind and have fun with men and women with gsoh. Must be interested in having a good time. Based in Ldn.

Tall Black princess, 5ft9, 24. V. Busty, with killer curves. Is very relaxed, and likes to please.  Enjoys keeping fit, and meeting new and interesting people. Would like to meet up for mature fun and games. Can you identify any of the ladies to whom those fictitious ads belong? Let us know. It may well be your favourite London Escort

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