Jog On

One of my favourite things to do after working all day in the London escort office is going to the gym or the swimming pool, or maybe just for a jog along the towpath. However, like most mortals I do find it quite boring, and most of the time I’m lucky enough to have my best mate Andy along for company. Rather than a dull exercise session it turns into a decent bit of ‘lads’ time where we chat about everything under the sun while we’re working out (mainly we talk about ladies, of course), look out for fit women walking their dog in the park and quite often go for a beer afterwards to reclaim our burned-off calories.

Recently however I’ve had to undertake a lot of this leisure exercising by myself, due to Andy sustaining several injuries caused by ‘exercising too hard’ according to his doctor. Apparently too much exercise is just as bad as too little, and Andy is the ultimate gym king – he’s always there in his spare time, and his weekends are filled with football matches, hiking and running. There’s probably not a single day in the week when he doesn’t get some kind of intense exercise, and it’s finally taken its toll. The doctor had advised him to avoid any strenuous activity for at least six weeks to give his various muscles and tendons time to heal. Obviously, going from an exercise fanatic to a couch potato is a pretty difficult adjustment for him, and I just know he’ll never last six weeks.

Anyway, until he’s back on his feet, I’m keeping fit by myself, trying to make things more interesting by listening to my MP3 player etc, or even chat to pretty girls when I’m feeling brave! It’s given me time to reflect on the whole concept of ‘working too hard’, like Andy was doing with his exercise. We normally work too hard when it comes to our jobs, but the same can also be applied to our leisure activities, such as exercising, or even our social activities. Too much of anything can ultimately put a strain on other areas of your life, even if its things that are considered to be generally healthy. It’s all about balance, I guess, everything in moderation as they say.

I think it’s a good idea to occasionally do something out of your normal routine, to keep a sense of perspective on your life and how you spend your time. Every now and then, to this end, I book myself onto some random course such as Ceroc dancing, or cookery – just to remind myself there are other things out there.

Some people shake things up sometimes by going on a date with a blonde escort in London or a busty escort in London – it’s a thrill that can really make your week go with a bang! While you might not be able to afford a London escort on a weekly basis, I think the occasional investment will do wonders for a person’s feelings of ‘balance’!

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