It’s a Jungle Out there

There have been times in my life when my dating life has been either so disastrous or so non-existent that I’ve begun to get some serious self-esteem issues. I had a particularly bad run about a year ago, beginning with a few dates that felt luck-lustre and uninspiring. Is it me, or them? I wondered at the time. Unlike our stunning London escorts I’m not blessed with great looks, but generally try to make the best of myself. After the failed dates I embarked on a mission to improve my looks, and went on quite a drive to work out more, get a trendier haircut and buy some new clothes. After considerable effort I plunged back into the dating world by attending a speed-dating night with a friend. It was my first time at one of these events, and I was nervous but looking forward to it. I felt sure I’d come away with a few phone numbers, at least.

But it wasn’t to be. Although I don’t think of myself as being ruthlessly picky, there was not one girl there that made me feel in anyway excited. They just weren’t really my type – brassy and overweight, most of them, whereas I prefer svelte and dark. It also seemed they all knew each other and were basically out on the lash, with a quick diversion to a speed-dating event.

As I marked nobody down on my card, I ended up the only person at the bar that wasn’t matched with anyone else. Although this was partially my fault, I couldn’t help feeling undesirable! After this I briefly dated a girl who dumped me after three weeks for being – wait for it –too pale! Following this kick in the balls it seemed as if something was going to happen with a girl I’d liked for ages, but after a couple of weeks she just went cold.

I was truly beginning to doubt whether I’d ever get anyone to date me or sleep with me ever again. Luckily, after a few months my love life took an upward turn and I was shown that I wasn’t a hideous Frankenstein after all. If it hadn’t been for a twist of fate I fear I may have still been on the dating scrap heap to this day.

With retrospect, remembering how bad and undesirable I felt at the time, I can’t believe I didn’t make use of an escort service to lift my self-esteem and have some straightforward fun with a nice girl. I guess I didn’t really know much about the

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