Incall Massage Edgware Road W2

The best thing about the kind of massage Edgware Road girls provide is that it’s always quite intense – not in a bad way, obviously, but just kind of a very heady experience. You leave the escorts’ apartment feeling as if you’ve spent a few days on another planet, lightly drugged. I’m not sure quite how the W2 massage girls manage to achieve this – perhaps it’s the effort they put into ‘ambience’ – for example, filling their cosy, stylish little apartments with candles, drawing the curtains, dishing out the wine, putting on music and then providing the most intensely erotic yet relaxing massage you’re ever likely to receive.

I love it when the girls go to all this effort to create a total experience for their clients – it shows that they care about their job and like to go the extra mile to make the clients happy. There’s nothing duller than going for a massage just to be given a systematic rub in a bland bedroom by a girl who just wants to get the job done so she can turf you out and get on with the laundry. Believe me these girls actually exist, although thankfully they’re not represented by Playful! No, if you want to attend a really special massage parlour Edgware Road girls have got it down to a tee. Case in point: recently I was lucky enough to visit new girl Lara at her Edgware Road apartment, to receive a kind of ‘test date with massage Edgware Road -style’ to check that her standards were high enough to put her on Playful’s books. I was already pretty sure they would be – some people just exude a kind of confidence and professionalism, and when I’d met her briefly at the office the day before I knew almost beyond a doubt that this girl would be good for business. Lara’s incredibly beautiful to start with. Of Eastern European origin, she has these soft, almost sultry dark looks with warm brown hair and lightly tanned skin. She’s quite tall and leggy, and looks so glamorous even in a casual little summer dress. Her cleavage isn’t huge but perfectly formed, which I always think is so much more important, and her face is just lovely – young, fresh and sweet (she’s only twenty, bless her). She looked just as gorgeous when I went for my massage, and I was pleased to arrive at her flat and find it so nicely decorated – bright, colourful and spicy like the famous street nearby. She went all out – candles, music, the works, which put me in such a good mood for the ensuing massage.

Of course, the massage was as amazing as I thought it would be. Lara was the consummate professional despite being so new to the escorting business. In fact, for a massage Edgware Road girls should probably be charging a lot more as their services really are a cut above, even when compared to other W2 massage treatments.

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