Incall Escorts in The City in EC1

The City escorts, known for their boundless enthusiasm and ambition, often remind me of myself when I was a bit younger – full of dreams, plans and notions, and the belief that I’d achieve truly great things. It’s harder to hang on to that as you get older, and I think your ambitions become a little more realistic, but every now and then I like to be reminded of my early passions. Like most kids I went through phases of wanting to be Formula 1 driver, singer etc, but I always laugh when I remember one particular obsession when I was about 12 and just discovering a knack for maths at my new school. I decided, to the amusement of my Dad and concern of my Mum that I wanted to be a ‘City Boy’! I remember seeing footage of yuppies on the news and thinking how grand and important their lives were, cutting multi-million pound deals on a daily basis and living it up after work with rich friends in swanky London restaurants. I wanted to sweep into my huge office tower wearing Armani suits and go for long lunches with important clients. Ok, so perhaps these were slightly strange thoughts for a twelve year-old boy to be having…. but I was always ahead of my time! Luckily I quickly grew out of the ‘City Boy’ stage and made a second, lengthy return to ‘footballer’ stage (haven’t grown out of that one yet).

Although these days I don’t think I’m cut out to be a City Boy, the things that appealed to me back then still give me a bit of a warm glow twenty years on. There’s something about the richness, importance and grandeur of The City that makes my head swim. The City escorts don’t realise how lucky they are, being permanently based there. But I should also say that the whiz kids who benefit from all the lovely escorts The City provides are also incredibly lucky – they not only have the best paid jobs and nicest suits, but also access to the classiest incall escorts The City can summon up. It’s amazing how much wealth and fine living can be packed into such a small area of London – fairly accurately labelled ‘The Square Mile’ by some. This name, and ‘The City’ are often used as metonyms for the UK’s financial services industry, which is so globally influential as to be on a par with New York City. London’s other main financial district is Canary Wharf, 4km to the East.

Despite the prestige of this little area, The City escorts represented by Playful will charge exactly the same as escorts based anywhere else in London – £110 for one hour. For City boys this is loose change, and EC1 escorts are just another part of their luxury living. Luckily, these girls are free agents, and will be equally happy to get paid by a cockney rebel!

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