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Living close to the third busiest train station in London (after Waterloo and Victoria), Liverpool Street escorts are no strangers to the weary travelers that blunder through the area, or panicked commuters that always seem to be running for their trains. The E1 escorts themselves make a lot of use of the station, although happily they don’t often fall into the aforementioned two categories. But the trains are very useful for getting them to other parts of London to meet their clients, so they can make the most of the capital with the minimum amount of effort.
Sometimes clients do come into London from quite far away, just for the purpose of meeting up with the city’s escorts, and the fact that Liverpool Street escorts are based so close to a main London terminus makes them an obvious choice for clients who don’t want to do more travelling than is really necessary (incidentally, Playful has actually taken bookings from clients coming from as far as Lincolnshire, as they’re determined to date the best in the business!) Additionally, for those tired travellers who have booked a date with an incall escort Liverpool Street is a useful place for gorgeous escorts to be based. It’s fair to say that for escorts Liverpool Street as a place of residence automatically means a higher than average number of dates with folk from out of town. They tell me this is a good thing though – it’s interesting to meet people from different places, show them around the city if they have time, hear their variable accents, and learn about places outside of London. As many of the E1 escorts are young and from abroad (for example, there are always lots of girls from Eastern Europe), it’s particularly useful and educational for them to meet people in the UK that don’t necessarily live in the capital city. Occasionally they struggle with accents though. One of the stunning Playful escort girls recently had a date with a Manchester lad who was just in London for a couple of days – she could barely understand him! I informed her that this was a common problem, and not just amongst people from abroad! Luckily they found there were lots of other things they could do that didn’t involve too much talking.

I have to admit that, unless I’m going specifically to meet a new Playful Liverpool Street escort, I rarely see the area outside of the train station. This is a shame really, as I do recall it’s quite a pleasant little place to walk around – quite old fashioned London with its narrow streets and rickety buildings all piled on top of each other, with some nice little pedestrian avenues flanked with a range of cafés and coffee shops. Situated on the border between the City of London and the East End, it really is a quintessential London district with all the associated hustle and bustle you’d expect. Not to mention a bevy of beautiful E1 escorts, of course.

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