Imagine football game with London escorts

Anyone that is into football, and anyone that absolutely hates it will surely have heard about the comments that were made by SKY sports presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys over the weekend regarding a certain female lineswoman that actually got her decision spot on. I think that it is safe to say that a lot has been made of comments that are probably, and unfortunately agreed with by at least 50% of male football fans. It is a very difficult industry for women to earn respect in, especially when you consider the fact that women are often associated with hating football and habitually moaning any time that it comes on the TV screen. As I am typing this post I have actually just heard that Andy Gray has been sacked from Sky Sports showing just how angry those comments seem to have made people. An interesting question would be whether or not guys would be throwing insults and objecting to female match officials if they were hot. Imagine a busty escort in London running up and down the pitch in a tight black and white refereeing outfit, blowing on her whistle, do you think so many guys would object to her presence then?

It would be an interesting study that, would females be more accepted in the beautiful game if they were…beautiful. I have often sat amongst groups of guy mates when the discussion has turned to football the inclusion of women in football and unsurprisingly women are not often received well in that light, whether it be playing football or officiating it, most of the guys seemed to feel that they should not be a part of it. But what was interesting was the amount of comments that made reference to how the women football players and/or officials were not at all attractive, this led me to believe that if I was to create a football team full of sexy London escorts the guys would love watching it, and personally I wouldn’t blame them, watching 11 hot escorts in London running around a football pitch would be appealing to most guys but it is a bit of a shame that in order for us to accept women being part of the game they have to be gorgeous.

Just take a look at Sky Sports News, all of the women that present it are gorgeous blondes, similar to many of our London escorts, because of this all the guys that watch it are quite happy to listen to everything that they have to say. But that’s just the way it is and unfortunately people like Sian (the female lineswoman) have had to learn that the hard way.

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