If Music be the food….I’m not hungry

I’ve been feeling recently that maybe I’m missing the ‘music gene’ that a lot of people seem to have. As much as I do sometimes enjoy listening to music and obviously I have my favourites, I’d never list is as one of the main things I’m ‘into’ or one of the ‘most important things in my life’ like so many people do. I’ve really noticed this as I’ve got older, music being the number one passion for a lot of folk. They frequently reel of a list of bands and artists they love, gigs they’ve been to and plan to go to, that time at Glastonbury seeing the Stereophonics, what they’ve been downloading from itunes. For some reason I just seem incapable of understanding this excitement about music – it’s just something you hear, that’s all, just sound waves. I’m perfectly happy, most of the time, to have silence around me, especially while I’m working, but many people are only happy with music blaring out all the time. The London escorts always wear their smart little earphones, listening to music on their ipods as they travel to meet up with clients, and there are always dozens of people on buses or trains doing the same.

To be fair – I think using earphones on public transport is perfectly understandable – I do prefer to be listening to music if it helps to drown out the conversation of other passengers. I scared myself once however, when I realised that the volume I need the device to be at to sufficiently out-decibel the background noise is ridiculously high.

I think music definitely has a time and a place – just not all the time and in every place. I like to listen to quite melancholy stuff at home sometimes, and every now and then it’s fun to whack the volume up on something with a great beat and have a little dance around. I guess music is also quite an important part of going out in the evening  – I mean it’s the backbone of clubbing (shame it’s mostly bad music then) and many other venues. I do like some funky music to be on in the background if I’m in a restaurant or bar, but hate the trend to have it blaring out so loudly that it virtually precludes any conversation with the people your with. Spending all night shouting myself hoarse and having my ears covered in spit is not really my idea of fun – I can go to a club, or my Nan’s house, for that.

It’s fair to say that blonde escorts in London and busty escorts in London really get to know their music, with all the evening dates they go on, and all the time spent on public transport with their earphones on. Escort girls are nothing if not in touch with modern culture and that seems to be dominated by music. I always think that London escorts would be very good at the music section in pub quizzes – perhaps an idea for a date?!

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