Ice Cold Alec

My good friend Alec has been making excuses not to come out clubbing the last few times me and some of our other mates have gone. He always used to be the one that was most into it, and sometimes had to drag the rest of us along when we’d have been perfectly happy nestled in our seats at our favourite bar near the London escort offices. We had some wild times on the club scene – guess most people do, especially when they’re young and everything seems so much fun, or so naughty you just have to try it.

Although we haven’t been going as much as we used to, since getting a bit older and having proper jobs etc, I have still been a bit worried about Alec’s absence the last few times. I questioned him about it the other night, and he began by being quite vague with comments like ‘I’m just not really as into it now’. After another couple of pints though his tongue loosened and he admitted that he didn’t really enjoy clubs anymore as a single guy. His point was that, although he still likes to go out drinking with the guys, once you’re into club territory, things change somewhat. ‘Basically, everyone’s there to hook up, right? Well, most people anyway. If you’re a single guy there’s a pressure to try and pull a girl, which doesn’t hold the same appeal it did ten years ago. In my old age, I find it a bit grotty, being all over some cheap bimbo in the middle of the dance floor, pulling all the moves and watching her friends laughing at you both. If I try to be all grown up and not pull a girl, I feel like I’m being no fun and not joining in, and still get slappers coming onto me all night. It really is a meat market. The only reason I still kept going the year before is because I was with Kacey, and it was fun going clubbing with her. We just danced and drunk and flirted, in the knowledge that we’d be going home together afterwards.’

After Alec’s frank confession I suggested that, if he still basically enjoyed clubbing but preferred to be there with a female partner, why not try taking a London escort on occasion, just until he met someone again. He was worried about the reaction of the other guys, but I said he could always just tell them she was a girl from work, or that she lived near him. They wouldn’t bat an eyelid if he turned up with a babe in tow; it was what Friday nights were all about! He could date a busty escort in London, or a blonde escort in London, and still be able to do something he basically loved without the pressure of having to ‘chat her up’ and impress his mates by getting her attention. I think he’s considering it…,

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