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So as was predicted the iPad 2 was unveiled by Apple in their usual fashion of a press conference that acts as though they have just discovered the cure for cancer. And as usual as much as I think it is all a bit over the top I still want whatever product that they are revealing. In this case it was the iPad 2, the original iPad I thought was just an unnecessary luxury and the latest incarnation of it reinforces this idea. 

Don’t get me wrong it is a sexy piece of equipment, it is the technological equivalent of a sexy London escort, and just as most guys will want a sexy London escort for company they will more than likely want an iPad 2 as well but whether or not buying one is actually justifiable is another question.
I often see people with iPads sitting on the train and wonder what they are actually doing on them, the few times that I have actually seen their screens it is often them just playing a game of Angry birds or reading some articles off of a newspaper website which is basically the same thing that people that own iPhone’s do, and the funny thing is that most of the people that own iPad’s actually own iPhone’s too.
But even though I am very aware that there is not much point to iPad’s it still doesn’t take away from the fact that I would actually quite like to have one for company on my way to and from the London escort HQ each day. Something else that puts me off somewhat is Apple’s little videos that they make for each of their new products, they have that typically perfect and clean white background that to which each of the products designers tells us just how amazing it is, they have the same soundtrack playing over it and talk about it as though it were a beautiful woman like a London busty escort.

It is just too difficult to justify spending that sort of money on a piece of technology that will not really help in any sense, think about it, what would you rather? An iPad2 or a hot weekend away with a sexy London escort, there isn’t much competition between the two I would have thought but then again there is no snazzy video to go with a London escort is there?

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