I assume that most of you will have been to a theme park at some point in your life and as sure I am that most of you have probably been to one I am also certain that there will be a very split opinion amongst those of you that have, this usually consists of those people that love going to theme parks, the thrill seekers that get a kick out of feeling as though they may die and breaking all sorts of speed records whilst tied to a machine and those of you that feel as though you are far to sensible to put yourself in such a situation that will make you feel like you may die at any moment. Not to generalise, or be too stereotypical but it is usually the guys that love a bit of thrill seeking and enjoy going on crazy roller coasters and a lot of the time it is the girls that would rather keep their feet on the ground and not risk death on a man made machine. Well after a recent trip to Thorpe Park with some of the London escorts this theory was proved wrong as most of the girls loved it and were probably a lot braver then I am if the truth be told, you didn’t hear that from me though!

I hadn’t actually been to Thorpe Park in quite some time, not since I was quite a bit younger, and my memory of it was that it didn’t actually have that many scary rides, I was always under the impression that Alton Towers and Chessington World of Adventures had the bigger, scarier rides and Thorpe Park catered more for the younger generations…. I turned out to be quite wrong and upon our approach I could see at least 2 rather large looking roller coasters and what was even more surprising was the fact that a lot of the London escorts started to cheer and seemed quite excited. Now I know they are young London escorts but nevertheless it was quite surprising that they seemed so up for going on these obviously scary looking rides, and being a guy I had to make sure that I didn’t seem more fearful then them, but if I am honest I think I was.

All in all it was a good day and it was nice that everyone was so up for it all, we went on most of the rides and despite my advancing years I thoroughly enjoyed it. So now that the sun is back pick up the phone and hire an escort in London for your theme park trip, you wont regret it, just try not to scream more than her ok?

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