Hot Latin Nights Begin Here

Latin dancing continues to reign as the champion of sophisticated Friday night entertainment. The Tango, salsa, cha-cha and rumba continue to stomp their way into the hearts of Londoners, who are becoming better at handling the fast foot movements and sensual sways the dances demand. Pay a visit to any club’s Latin night and you’ll probably see the dance floor packed with attractive women and many ponytailed men named Juan, all pleasantly drunk on dark rum and mojitos.
We’d bet our last dollar that some of those firebrands on the dance floor are none other than Playful’s Latina Escorts. These ladies have done more for improving relations between South America and the U.K. than they’ve been given credit for. Known for their legendary curves and their ability to live each moment to its fullest, the beautiful women of South America also have a proud tradition of treating their men impeccably. They really know how to put a man at ease, making sure he’s comfortable and relaxed.
Our Latina Escorts are a mixed bag of goodies. Some are Busty Escorts, others are Brunette Escorts.  We have a number of girls who are very curvy, and others who are athletic. So whatever your desire for the perfect Escort Girl, we have someone to make you happy.
As these lovely ladies are so accomplished on the dance floor, why not book them for a night of dancing at that Latin hotspot off Drury Lane? Your Escort Girl would be more than happy to wear her sexiest dancing outfit, and you’d be able to appreciate her fantastic legs as they move effortlessly to the music.
So do your bit for intercultural understanding and call to arrange your date with a Latin Escort. Our knowledgeable and friendly receptionists are available to answer your questions and arrange the right partner for your hot Latin night.
Call: 020 8965 8881 or 020 8965 8886

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