Holiday Break

I’m not sure if I’ll go on a foreign holiday this year. Although I do enjoy my breaks from work at the London escort office, over the past couple of years I’ve started to feel a bit bored of my usual choice of summer holiday. Generally I’ll go somewhere like Spain, or the Canary Islands, Greece or Southern Italy, but my appetite for these Mediterranean destinations has waned somewhat. After several trips they all begin to seem the same. Once you’re in the tourist resort, apart from little differences, you could pretty much forget which country you’re in. And even if you stray away from the very touristy areas there’s something quite familiar about most countries around the Med. Not that I dislike them; just that the novelty has worn off a bit. And it’s not to say I don’t love sitting round a pool or drinking sangria with my meals, but I’ve done it so many times now I just fancy something a bit different. For a while I contemplated other destinations – for example countryside areas in the lovely Croatia, or prhaps the Fjords of Norway – places I would love to visit yet just didn’t feel any enthusiasm for this year. Perhaps I’m put off by the travelling aspect – booking the flights, changing currency, dealing with a different language and all the accompanying hassle. So this year, I think I’ll just explore a little bit of the UK that I’ve never seen before and keep things simple. I’ve always wanted to go camping in the Peak district, or even just visit the historic town of Bath. I know it sounds boring, but I’m attracted to the ease of it and also happen to think that the UK probably has a lot of amazing places I’ve never seen.

Apparently I’m not the only Brit considering a holiday a home – we’re deserting the Costas in droves, preferring instead to visit London, or the seaside, or a Scottish island. As someone who has now lived in London for years, I sometimes forget that there are a lot of people living in this very country that have either never been to London, or only visited very briefly/occasionally. To these folk a trip to the capital can be a very exciting holiday, easily as good as going abroad.

Obviously London has a lot to offer visitors – scenery, museums, galleries, thousands of shops, bars, restaurants and theatres, multi-cultural residents and activities and of course – probably the best escort girls in the world!

In fact, I think our high quality London blonde escorts and London busty escorts are reason enough to visit the city, regardless of all the other glitzy attractions! Of course a holiday in the capital can combine everything you want – cultural visits, learning opportunities, incredible nightlife, all topped off with the company of sexy London escorts! Who needs Marabella and sangria?

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