Heart Attack

This is a warning to you guys about the dangers of falling for a London Escort. People visit Escort Girls for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they are happily married but the spark has gone out of the sex, sometimes it’s because the wife won’t give them what they want and sometimes it’s because a guy has lost or split up with a partner or wife.

The dating scene can be a daunting one and it can take a while to pluck up the courage to step back into it. Dating is fine when you’re 22 and full of testosterone but not so easy maybe later in life. London Escort girls are absolutely perfect for this scenario because they give you the opportunity to chat up a pretty girl, make her laugh, get your confidence back with the opposite sex. Now the warning…don’t misread the signals.

If you’ve not long split up with someone you are vulnerable and looking for someone to reassure you that you are still wanted. Please don’t think that the Escorts London can offer are for that. In the majority of cases these girls are tough and probably supporting families abroad. If you fall for one of them, most will allow you to do that, it happens. They will happily let you shower them with presents, happily let you take them on that weekend away (providing you pay) and happily relieve you of any cash that you fling at them. In that case I think you only really have yourself to blame. Knowing these girls situations I don’t blame THEM but YOU for being that silly. So don’t do it. If you fall for one of our London Escorts then please change girls, find another one from the 50 that we have on our books and keep changing. Don’t get hung up on just one.

Being with an Escort girl can be a fantastic experience as long as both parties know the reality and understand. Don’t be a mug and keep your feet on the ground and have fun with your London Escort.

Sorry don’t mean to lecture you just trying to save you a lot of heart ache and trouble.

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