Have More Fun with a Blonde Escort

Blond escorts London always seem to be in high demand. Perhaps its their reputation for being fun, beautiful and sensual creatures that has men desperate to see what the fuss is all about. These fair haired ladies have achieved legendary status the world over for having the most glamorous stars of stage and screen, and blonde still remains the most popular request for those wishing to experiment with their hair colour.
We’ve been very fortunate here at Playful Escorts, the best cheap escort agency in London, that so many beautiful blonds are happy to join us. There are a lot of options available for girls this lovely, and they instead are happy to meet with ordinary guys like you and me for a memorable date. Our blonde escorts are all very flexible young women who are quite comfortable meeting clients wishing to spend the night at home as well as those looking for company for a night on the town. They come from many different countries. Some are from Russia, while others are from Latin America. We also have our fair share of Eastern European escorts who have the most gorgeous blonde hair that they keep expertly styled.
If you’re looking for a great blonde escort London with whom to have an intimate dinner and enjoy a full GFE, you’d be wise to ask for Ella. This beautiful young thing is always up for some good fun, and her looks will certainly earn you stares of envy from men who see you too together. Ella enjoys the good things in life, and you are sure to impress her by starting your date out with a nice bottle of wine at yours. She’ll definitely warm up to you if you compliment her on her looks, and as the conversation flows, you’ll discover a real heart of gold in this blond escort. Feel free to run your fingers through the silky strands – she’s a real affectionate one, is our Ella; she may lean in happily for a cuddle with you. With such a hot, gorgeous woman enjoying her time with you, be sure to savour every moment – who knows what the night will yet bring?
Some gentlemen are just meant to prefer blondes, and we have just the right kind of ladies for the man who finds himself wishing to test this hypothesis for himself. Call our receptionists now to book Emma, or the blonde escort of your choice.


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