Hand or Comic Relief…you choose

I have always liked comic relief, also known as Red Nose Day. Ever since I was a child, many years ago, it was always quite a fun few weeks before the  actual Friday of Red Nose Day, it is a very good way of raising money for worthy causes and everyone seems to get involved from London escort to teachers, kids to old people, everyone wants to help out and give a little something to make a difference to others.

Last Friday on the actual Red Nose Day everyone at the London escort HQ had their red noses on and people were talking about the upcoming show on BBC1 that includes all of the comedy sketches and all of the information for people to make donations, they also update you on how much has been raised and show moving videos of the different people that our money will be helping, videos which often result in floods of tears from the escorts in London, but none from me, honestly, none!

What I have always liked and respected about the whole Comic Relief charity is that it is not overly intrusive, it is not like the Red Cross who put people in busy streets and make them come up to you and sell you the charity. Most people do not want to donate when some annoying student approaches them being overly nice and trying to guilt trip them into it.

It is quite funny watching people try to avoid them like they have a disease, that says it all really. I have to go through a bunch of them on most days that I travel to work at the London escort HQ and it is like navigating a minefield, I feel like I am playing rugby and trying to avoid being tackled, it is quite annoying!

Comic relief is not as bad as that and it makes people want to donate a lot more, myself and the London escorts all donated and we were happy to donate because they make the whole experience quite pleasant and it feels good to donate to such worthy causes. It is also quite nice to see all the celebrities, presenters, footballers, comedians and the like dedicating their time to it.

The actual show in itself is quite good too, even though they do put a little pressure on you from time to time by showing such heartbreaking videos it still feels as though your money is going to a good cause and there is no direct debit or monthly phone call, it is just a straight up donation that can be made online, via text, via phone and of course by raising money in a variety of ways.

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