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After work at the London escort offices last night I went out for a pizza with a few girl pals and the subject matter turned, inevitably, to dating! I’m afraid we indulged in a rant of epic proportions concerning the inappropriate behaviour that some people exhibit on dates – and how many relationships never even get off the ground because of it.

My best example of bad dating behaviour was with a guy I’d met online last year. He seemed ok at first – he wasn’t too bad looking, could hold a conversation etc. But as the date wore on his list of offences began to pile up. Firstly, he admitted to being a few years older than he’d stated on his profile, and then he had to nip outside for a cigarette  -despite his profile proclaiming him to be a non-smoker. These were quite a big deal for me, although they don’t sound like major things. I think it’s more the principle that some people just think it’s ok to portray themselves falsely, wasting everyone’s time. I hate smoking and would never chose to go out with a smoker, so if I’d known about this beforehand it’s unlikely I would have gone on the date with him. I guess this is why he lies – but the problem is you find out about it as soon as you meet them, and then all lose respect when you discover they’re a big fat liar! The age thing was also a problem, as I already believed him to be right at the upper end of my age criteria, and this put him right over.

So, already disappointed by his casual affiliation with truth, I was dismayed when he managed to spoil things further by first constantly checking his phone (doesn’t everyone think this is incredibly rude? I think you should always give your date your full attention, especially when meeting for the first time), then making really inappropriate comments such as ‘You’ve got great tits, haven’t you?’ SERIOUSLY!

My friend Clare said the guy sounded like a total prick, and I had to agree. Does that make me a bad judge of character, that I picked him for a date? I guess when you’re judging someone online you can only go on what they write and hope it’s honest.

Clare has had some bad dates herself. One guy she went out with – they actually lasted three weeks – couldn’t stop himself gawping at other women when they were out. She tried to overlook it at first, but by their fourth date her insecurity got the better of her (understandably) and she walked out of the restaurant.

I think men that don’t know how to behave properly on a date should stick to dating London mature escorts or London duo escorts, who won’t care if they want to keep checking their phones or other women’s rears. London escorts aren’t hoping for a relationship to come of their dates – which is just as well considering some of the clueless chaps out there

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