I was asked recently by one of the sexy escorts London has to offer what I thought the best invention of the last few decades has been, it is a question that I have considered in my head before but I do not think that I have ever really come up with an answer. I suppose that the internet does not really come into it because that’s just too obvious, but of course the best invention would surely have to be a technological one if it from the last 10-20 years. Pretty much everything that has been invented that is truly innovative in the last 10-20 years has been a technological product, whether it is iPods, iPad’s, wireless internet or smartphones, there are a whole host of potential ‘winners’ for the London escort HQ award of best invention.

After one of the London escort girls brought it up it became the talk of the whole London escort agencies, everyone was talking about what they thought the best invention was and it became obvious that there were a certain few things that were very popular amongst all of us, the two that stood out the most were the iPhone and SKY Plus. Most of us seemed to have both of these and it was difficult to decide which of the two was the best. The iPod is one of the highest selling pieces of technology ever invented, it is impossible to go on the London Underground or on a London bus without seeing someone with an iPod if not the entire bus or train carriage. All of the London escort girls have one and I have worked my way through about 4 of the things. Despite the fact that they tend to break quite easily and they are not as reliable as Apple would have you believe I still have absolutely no qualms when it comes to buying a new one, simply because I know there is no better personal MP3 player on the market and because it is just what I am used to, besides I couldn’t bare taking out a non iPod MP3 player on the train, the embarrassment!

Many of the London escort girls chose the iPod as their number one but as usual I had to disagree and I think I will have to trump for SKY Plus. Who remembers the first time they ever saw someone pause or rewind live TV, amazing wasn’t it? It was one of those things that you thought about as a kid but knew that it would probably never actually come to fruition, well SKY made it happen and it is pretty dam amazing, even now.Couple that with the fact that you can record all that your heart desires whilst watching something or even while you are out from your iPhone is pretty dam cool, so despite what the London escort girls say I am going for SKY plus as the best invention!

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