gold rush

This week I decided to take a bit of a risk and invest in some gold on the stock market, having been convinced by my older brother that it was at least as worthwhile as the savings accounts I waste my time on. I trust big bro – he’s always full of good advice and ideas, with a knack for making things work, so I took the plunge and brought a small gold ingot for a couple of hundred (the London escorts think I’m mad, so I have to show them I’m actually just very wise!). Basically the idea is to hold onto it for as long as possible and hope that this time next year it might be worth twice as much. My brother assures me that gold is a pretty safe buy….lets hope he’s right!

I generally don’t mess around much with anything that involves gambling with money because I’m a bit slow when it comes to understanding things like finances, economics and business. I know that if I tried anything too ambitious I’d come a cropper. By way of example, I once got really into playing online poker, and thought I was relatively good at it. I considered playing for real money, but very sensibly decided to play with a virtual $1000 first. Well, I managed to lose the budget very quickly, and thankfully avoided going on to chuck a load of real money down the drain.

It occurred to me how rife gambling is in our society. I’m not just talking casinos with their die-hard blackjack addicts, but everyday gambling by normal people – for example playing the lottery. Ok so it is small scale, but it’s still gambling. I guess when the cost is low enough, it seems worth it for the potential reward.

Some people worry that they’re taking a gamble when they book a date with a busty escort in London. What if she’s not as good-looking in real life? What if you don’t get on, or she has a horrible personality?  It’s normal for all these things to go through someone’s mind the first time they arrange an evening with a blonde escort in London. It is a risk, of sorts. However, I’d like to assure anyone with such concerns that the risks are absolutely miniscule in comparison to the practically guaranteed rewards. In the first place there’s no way a London escort agency would have girls on their books that they hadn’t met in person, to ensure that she’s genuinely beautiful and easy to get along with. It’s in nobody’s best interests to represent girls that don’t put 100% into their appearance and character – that would just be a terrible investment with no pay off.

Secondly, the girls themselves are of course highly motivated to impress their clients and make them want to come back for more. And no self-respecting woman wants to go on a date looking shabby!

Trust me, London escorts offer the safest kind of gambling there is!


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