Give Up Fags For Escorts

New Year’s Resolutions – that’s all I’m hearing at the moment. Start of a new year and all that. People constantly vowing to do this, stop that, change that and go there. But how many of us actually keep our resolutions?? Not many. And why is it that so many of us make resolutions that we are destined to break? Well here are the top ten resolutions collected from others by myself, both in my London Escort office and back at home with my family –

1) LOSE WEIGHT (Ever heard this one before?)
2) Stop smoking (And so you should!)
3) Exercise (A little less conversation, a little more action please!)
4) Learn a language (Quoi?)
5) Spend more time with loved ones (Yawn!)
6) Stress less (Impossible?)
7) Start ballroom classes (hmmm.)
8) Read more (WHEN?!)
9) Learn to knit (Oh please.)
10) Volunteer (to do what?)
As you can see, a lot of these are just downright silly, so I decided to compile my own top ten for the whole of mankind (yes I did say MANkind, sorry girls);
1) Work less, play more. (Or just play more if you can’t work any less)
2) Receive less NAGGING (Please.)
3) Eat good food (Yum)
4) Drink good wine (Yes!)
5) Drink more champagne (YES!!)
6) Listen to good music (Elvis)
7) Have more me-time (ME ME ME)
8) Spend more time with beautiful women (Now you’re talking)
9) See my favourite Blonde Escort in London once a week (I’ll make it happen!)
10) Have my very own personal Busty Escort in London come with me everywhere I go – even to the office (DREAM ON!)
And there you have it, a much improved chart, is it not? And to explain my choices;
– Everybody loves to play (especially our Escorts in London!)
– Nobody likes being nagged. I don’t.
– We all love a delicious meal – the more decadent the better!
– Anyone with a fine palate – myself included – can appreciate a lovely bottle of plonk
– Champagne is the nectar of the Gods!
– Elvis Presley rules. Enough said.
– We are each the centre of our own universe – never forget that!
– Beautiful women? *Sigh*
– And as for the Escorts London has to offer? We have the very best and we’re kind enough to share them with you – you cannot say fairer than that!
So come on guys – I’ve not only offered you an alternative, executive array of resolutions designed to improve your quality of life – I’ve even justified it for you! It would be futile to argue! Our girls are ready and waiting to tell you their New Year’s resolutions and believe me – some of them might not be what you’re expecting! The general consensus amongst our ladies is to have more fun – a fine philosophy to live by, wouldn’t you agree? Give us a call and see who’s available to spend a little YOU-time with you! Our girls are ready and waiting to jump head-first into the new year and all of your resolutions!
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